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Why use doggy daycare?

If you spend most of the day away from home but do not want your precious pup left alone then doggy daycare is just what you need.

4Paws daycare offers your pup a fun, safe place to interact with both people and dogs while building positive social behaviour and confidence.

As well as running 4Paws Outdoors Laura also offers dog training and behaviour consultations this means that Laura is able to identify and work with any training or behavioural issues your dog might experience.

At daycare your dog will enjoy plenty of playtime, exercise and stimulation with his friends. Daycare can help to curb destructive behaviours and alleviate separation anxiety creating a more relaxed, polite and healthy dog.

Plus at the end of the day when you are tired and ready to relax your dog will be too. Come and meet us, your dog will thank you for it!

Doggy Benefits
• No more separation anxiety
• Builds social confidence
• A healthy energy outlet
• Helps curb destructive behavior
• Constant love and attention
• Creates a well balanced dog
• Improves doggy manners
• New doggy friends
• Mental and physical stimulation and much more

Owner Benefits
• Peace of mind
• Guilt free
• A tired, happy dog at the end of the day
• A fun and stimulating place for your fur baby to hang out when you can't be at home with them


During daycare your pup will enjoy plenty of walks, cuddles, fun and games. Each day is different but our focal point is a long walk on Hampstead Heath or Highgate Woods. Throughout the day we will reinforce basic commands and can also bathe, groom and administer medication if required.

Prices vary according to the frequency with which you use our service but can be as low as £25 for 11 hours care.