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Here at 4Paws Outdoors we keep an eye out for cool and interesting canine related products and places. Below is a selection of links we think you might find interesting, do contact us if you have any more!

4Paws Outdoors Dog Blog

Our Dog Blog is full of useful information for all dog owners. Here you can find information on a wide variety of doggy topics from which plants are poisonous for your pup to dogs and the law.


Sometimes despite the best of care our furry friends get sick. Unfortunately this often happens in the middle of the night when your local vet is shut. Vet24 is a 24 hour veterinary surgery based in Belsize Park which can provide lifesaving help for your pet.



Abbey Vet

Here at 4Paws we use Abbey Vets on Cross Street, just off Upper Street in Islington. The Abbey Vets staff are super helpful, friendly and do their best to make a visit to them as stress free as possible.

Elmo’s Wardrobe

Elmo’s Wardrobe offers a wealth of accessories for the discerning dog. With everything from clothing to collars be sure to take a look to make sure your pup stays the most stylish in the park. Elmo’s Wardrobe is also the preferred supplier of Puppia Dog Harnesses to the 4Paws residents, our pups won’t be walked in anything else!


Being so close to the ground the 4Paws pups get a lot dirtier and colder than their taller doggy friends. When it starts getting cold our pups like to wear their Equafleece doggy tankies. These are made from Polartec fleece and are warm, washable, quick to dry and highly practical. Plus they come in a variety of bright colours, making it much easier to spot the pups when they are off squirrel hunting.


Loldogs is a fun site with photos of hilarious hounds and silly captions to go with them. A great way to kill a few minutes.

London Dog Tails

A London centric dog magazine full of interesting features.

Discover Dogs

Run by the Kennel Club Discover Dogs is an annual event which sees more than 300 breeds under one roof. It provides the perfect excuse to hug, sorry meet, lots of dogs.

Dicky Bags

Fed up of carrying full poo bags for ages before you find a bin? Then what you need is a Dicky bag - the perfect solution to a smelly problem!

Barking Heads

Barking Heads is a range of premium dry dog food which we now stock. It is 100% natural, hypoallergenic and contains no flavour enhancers, colouring, additives or preservatives. 

The Campaign for Real Pet Food

The CRPF aims to educate pet owners about what they feed their pets. It also encourages manufacturers to be honest about what is in the pet foods.

Dog Star Daily

This is a great website with lots of useful information on all aspects of dogcare. Full of interesting tips, stories, podcasts and more.


Here at 4Paws with so many little mouths to feed we get through an awful lot of treats and chews. Our dogs only get additive free, colour free natural dog chews in order to help keep them in tip top shape. Zooplus is our number one site for buying yummy nibbles.

Just Dogs

A new discovery but already a favourite, Just Dogs offers a multitude of products to cover your doggy requirements.

And something for our bigger friends...

We often get asked by our big dog friends if we know any nice walkers on Hampstead Heath. If you are a big dog and want more exercise and cuddles then why not contact one of the following groups. All of them are run by lovely, knowledgeable ladies and take friendly bigger doggies that the 4Paws tinies like to socialise with.

Heath Walks



Thinking Dogs