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Q-Can you collect/deliver my dog?

As a rule we do not provide delivery and collection though occasionally this may be feasible if you live in the Islington area.

Our clients come from a variety of different areas and we do not feel it benefits the dogs to spend several hours in the car each day.

We are flexible with our drop off/collection times so can probably work around your schedule. Plus we might know someone in your area who could share the ‘school run’.

Q - I've found a place that will look after my dog for £15 a day, why should I pay more?

Two words, quality and experience. We believe we actually offer great value for money, particularly when compared with a ‘walk’ which costs between £10 and £15 for 45 – 90 minutes.

At 4Paws we only look after a small number of small dogs. This means that your dog will get plenty of one on one attention in a safe and friendly environment. In addition we are fully insured and only allow vaccinated and vetted dogs to join us.

We also provide your dog with top quality hypoallergenic food (e.g Barking Heads, Nature Diet, Lily’s Kitchen) and chews, safety harnesses for use while out walking, a safety crate car transportation system, several snug beds, a variety of fleeces and coats for colder weather and a complimentary wash and brush whenever he gets mucky.

In addition to this Laura is working towards an advanced diploma in canine behaviour so offers a wealth of specialist toy dog knowledge.

The ethos of 4Paws is to go that little bit further. You may find someone offering cheaper rates but we are confident that they will not be able to match the quality and knowledgeability of our service.


Q - What are your prices?

Our prices start at £25.

Prices vary depending on the length of time your dog spends with us  each day (i.e under eight hours or over eight hours) and frequency of daycare.  If your dog attends three or more days every week you are charged a discounted rate.

Q - What are your hours?

Most dogs arrive between 8-9 am and are collected between 5-7pm. If you would like your dog to stay with us outside of these hours we ask that you let us know in advance and we will do our best to accomodate you.

Q - Why don’t you offer half day rates?

Instead of half day rates we offer shorter day rates. It is much easier for us to plan our day of doggy fun if the pups are staying for several hours.


Q - I have an unpredictable schedule, what if I'm running late?

We appreciate it if you can let us know in advance if you are going to be late and will do our best to accomodate you. Occasionally the 4Paws gang have evening plans too! If you fail to let us know then we charge an extra £25 late fee.


Q - Do you offer discounts?

As we have very small numbers we only offer a discount for dogs that come five days per week. If you are looking for discounted dog care we suggest finding somewhere that cares for a larger number of dogs.

If you have two or three dogs then please contact us for a quote per day.

Q - Do you offer dog training?

Yes we do. For further information please contact us on info@thelittledogguru.com or see our sister site www.thelittledogguru.com