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Perfect puppy service

4Paws Perfect Puppy is 4Paws Outdoors' fully comprehensive puppy selection and training package. We use our wealth of experience to help you find and train your perfect puppy. We will be with you during every step of the puppy buying process, from advising you on what type of dog to choose, to accompanying you when meeting potential pups.

Why use 4Paws 
Perfect Puppy?
The benefits of dog ownership are well documented and here at 4Paws Outdoors we are committed to providing top quality, reliable services for people who already have a doggy pal in their life. We also work hard to promote responsible dog ownership and are often asked for advice on choosing and training puppies.
Our conversations with people who would like to own a dog, but rightly worry if they can fit the responsibilities of dog ownership into their busy urban lives have led us to develop a unique, new service, 4Paws
Perfect Puppy.
Perfect Puppy is a bespoke service for those who see the difficulties of selecting and training a dog as a barrier to owning the dog they would otherwise love to share their lives with. Perhaps you have owned dogs before but worry that you don't have the time to devote during those all important first few months, maybe you have never owned a dog before and would like some extra support in the early stages. Whatever your reasons 4Paws Outdoors can tailor a service to suit you, and help you find the perfect pup.

How it Works

Choosing the right puppy
Perhaps the most important question is what kind of dog is right for you. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes: there are hundreds of different breeds, and almost as many ways to find a dog. For the first time buyer the choice can be overwhelming, intimidating and confusing. Most of our clients are busy people with urban lifestyles and while we will work with you to find the best fit for your life we generally recommend smaller and toy breeds. We have found them to be the perfect city dogs, yet more than capable of keeping up with their country cousins.
We all look forward to our beloved pup bounding up to the door to welcome us home from work, snuggling up to us on the sofa when we relax and of course accompanying us on walks. But the early stages can be difficult: toilet training, socialisation, training of basic commands and teaching boundaries all take time, energy and patience.

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Initial Consultation
The 4Paws
Perfect Puppy service starts with the First Step Consultation, during which we will draw up an action plan that allows us to train your pup so that they perfectly fit your lifestyle.

We will tailor make a training plan for you and your pup taking into account your personalities and lifestyle. During this time you and your pup will benefit from one-on-one training sessions and 24/7 support. You will have at your disposal all the help and support you need to get you through the all important few months

If you feel you are struggling to cope with training for whatever reason then your puppy is welcome to come and stay with us for several days.

We provide a thorough aftercare service and are available 24/7 to provide help and support should you experience any problems or just need our reassurance. We hope to maintain a lasting relationship with you and your new puppy and will continue to provide you with our signature 4Paws Outdoors top quality services as well as offering priority booking for our daycare and boarding services.

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